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Yak 54

Fiberglass Fuselage
Foam core sheeted or glassed wings and stabs
Carbon fiber landing gear

Carbon fiber wing tube
Carbon fiber tail gear

Fiberglass cowl, clear canopy, fiberglass wheel pants

Wing span: 2235mm / 88in
Wing area: 81dm2 / 1247 sq. in
Flying weight: approx. 15lbs
Fuselage length: 2060mm / 81in
Engine Required: 2 cycle or 4 cycle
Gas Engine 50cc-70cc
Radio Required: 6 channels, 5-6 servos

Removable horizontal stabs and wings

Specifications: US$750 Quick build kit option

Basic quick build kit comes with fiberglass fuselage,
 foam core wings and stabs, fiberglass cowl, clear canopy, wheel spatz

ARC  option US$1250 ARC for painting and covering +US$250 for glassing wings and stabs ARF option

ARF kit fiberglass fuselage painted, glassed or sheeted wings, painted or covered to customer specifications
carbon fiber landing gear, carbon fiber tail gear, carbon fiber wing tube, cowl, canopy and wheel pants. Fully built out of the box.

US$1995 Picture shows  Yak 54 built to customer specifications.