If you need assistance with a kit for a plane, we can CAD draw a short kit for you, and laser cut as well. We also offer 3D modeling of prototypes, prototype manufacturing,

mold fabrication, and accessories for your plane, such as carbon fiber landing gear and tubes.

If you are looking for a static display airplane, look no further. We can build a scale replica to your specifications, full scale or any other size.

Another service we provide is the restoration of you model plane if needed. We can reverse engineer parts and restore your plane to its original beauty.

A brief list of what we offer

- CAD services

- fiberglass work

- prototyping

- laser cutting

- water jet cutting

- custom paint

- carbon fiber or aluminum accessories

- reverse engineering

- thermo forming plastic

- foam core wings

- model airplane restoration and repairs

- mold making

- master plug construction

- 3D model designs

Contact us today and see what we can do for you.

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